The frame is a very significant part of many paintings and art works. Many experts consider than the frame cannot be understood out of the art piece, so both concepts may go together and joined as one.


In AMC we consider that this may also be important for our customers, so we have researched solutions according to each piece. We use to design and produce fine frames folowing the traditional patterns used in Museums and Collections.

Lady with Armin. Copy after Leonardo. (Replica by Miquel Herrero). Handcrafted oil on Wood board. Size : 40 x 55 cm SMALL-MADONNA-B

Some times we take old aniqüities for restoring them after some customizations and conservation procedures. Since a real appearance is necessary also for frames, we take care of every detail and finishes.


We frequently use new frame stripes to construct a new frame using traditional methods and materials. After this step we produce an artifitial aging and wearing to all the pieces just to match perfectly with the artwork. We also use new light poliurethane resin castings, for emulating

tallado-con-gubia0   20131119_233033

At times we find old furniture pieces, to break up them, saw and construct frames from these antiquïties, that we also get worn , aged, and refinished. Furthermore, since we are also artisans we design and carve wood patterns, and we can also give you professional advice to respect the esthetic of the original and period specifications. Let us to advise you in you personal frame selection.





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